Oracle Afrika Designs

No client too big or too small

Proudly South African Supplier of High Quality School Uniforms and Sportswear

Oracle Africa Designs is your one-stop company when it comes to school uniforms, sportswear, chair bags and soft stationery. Based in Johannesburg, we pride ourselves on quality, availability, service and fair prices. We have strong relationships with key suppliers and are able to develop specific items for schools. 

From full school uniforms, to small sports teams, all our clients are valued. We are proudly South African and only buy from local manufacturers.

About Oracle Africa

Oracle 7 Investments is an extraordinary service provider. The company is 100% black female-owned, and was established to provide wide range of services. Oracle Africa Designs is a subsidiary of Oracle 7 Investments Pty Ltd. We are suppliers of school wear.

Who We Work With:

Our Promise to Our Customers

We are committed to ensuring that stock is always available for our customers.
We aim to provide a great service to all customers.
We ensure that items are of the proper quality and have been approved by the school.
We charge our customers a fair price for the merchandise.